When we created York Cocoa House in 2011 our vision was to celebrate York and the chocolate industry that inspired us. We've met so many customers who worked in York's factories and created the chocolates that we grew up with. The stories, memories, antics and skills that have been shared with us over the years have taken us on a journey to discover just how magical the cocoa bean is.

Our journey has lead us to appreciate the true wonder of cocoa, to learn from the original chocolate makers of York, to uncover the imagination, innovation and dedication that created the chocolate that made York famous. Today we are excited to be part of an industry that is evolving and in some ways coming round full circle. We are free to explore new tastes, flavours and styles of chocolate and to imagine a new way of creating the chocolate that we love. 

The York Cocoa Works is to be located next to the first shop and factory owned by Henry Isaac Rowntree on the corner of Coppergate and Castlegate and just a stone's throw from Mary Ann Craven's first factory site on Coppergate. We are surrounded by and constantly inspired by the chocolate heritage in York, and we are looking forward to bringing these traditions and production back to the city centre.

We'd like to share our journey with you and as it continues, we will update these pages. In the meantime please complete our enquiry form with your details to find out more or come and see us at York Cocoa House.

Best wishes and many thanks for your continued support and custom

Sophie & Michelle