Welcome to York Cocoa Works, we’re proud to share with you our journey and passion for fine chocolate, we’re delighted to be able to share with you an insight into how our chocolate is created.

York has a long and prestigious relationship with chocolate and confectionery. Castlegate was home to the first chocolate manufactory in York, just across from where we are now, when in 1785 the Tuke family started roasting the finest Caracas and Cayenne nuts to manufacture their own chocolate.

Our own journey with chocolate making is much shorter in comparison to York’s chocolate empires. We opened York Cocoa House in 2011 on Blake Street, eager to celebrate a product and an industry we wanted to ensure the city did not lose. In 2013, keen to discover and work with more sustainable cocoa we embarked on a journey to become chocolate makers that has brought us to where we are today.

We are so very appreciative of the kindness, help and support we have received on this journey, from the people of York, the chocolate makers of the city, the cocoa farmers we have partnered with, the Terry’s and Rowntree’s families and our customers and investors who have all made our chocolate possible.

Thank you for visiting our page today, we look forward to welcoming you on site and sharing our chocolate many more with you in the future.

Best wishes

Sophie and Michelle