Chocolate Evaluation

Our ambition is to create a better understanding about the journey of our cocoa, learn more about the transformation process from farm to chocolate through all of the stages in-between so we can create shorter supply chains and share more value and impact with the communities where it is added the most.

To become chocolate cocoa must go through many stages and processes and is worked with by many who are involved in this journey, from farmers to multiple traders, exporters, processors, makers and chocolatiers. Much of what we enjoy today has gone through an extended transformation process that can take months and even years to create the chocolate that we eat, engaging with extended process and supply chains along the way and with farmers receiving limited, if any benefit from increased quality or prices.

By taking part in our chocolate sample evaluation you are assisting us to build a better, more objective understanding about the chocolate making process and the transformation of cocoa. We hope that by building a stronger set of independent consumer opinions we can offer greater assistance to the communities that undertake the most important phase of the chocolate making process - growing the cocoa itself. 

Origin Library and Collection 

At York Cocoa Works we will be working with many different types of cocoa on our search to discover more and to uncover and share the stories of the cocoa and the communities that create it. We will be crafting our Origin Library by making each chocolate in exactly the same way, allowing the natural properties of the cocoa to be identified, evaluated and then crafted to optimise the flavour of the cocoa to create our Origin Collection. We welcome and appreciate your assistance in sampling our chocolate and sharing your evaluation experiences with us. Chocolate samples can be collected from York Cocoa House or online.